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I saw this being done by @AdreannaLyn and I wanted to do it too! The results turned out to be pretty awesome.
Zutter by GD and T.O.P 1. The song that describes how you will die. I suppose I'll get sick.
High High by GD and T.O.P 2. The song that describes your love life. " Two people who really know how to party our relationship is better than ever" sounds great ;)
Boy In Luv by BTS 3.The song that will play at your wedding. my spouse must really be a keeper if they allowed this!
If You Loved Me by Zia and Lee Hae Ri(of Davichi) 4. Add "in my pants" to the title. If You Loved Me In My Pants. Classy.
Never Give Up by Bang Yong Guk and ZELO 5. The song that will play at my funeral. "Never give up Cheer up, toward your dreams, never give up Get up, get up, you can do it Wake up, wake up Don’t worry, everything will be fine, never give up Because it’s you, it’s you, believe in yourself Never give up" How sad and lovely, and the song is about school pressures, which probably will be the death of me.
Warrior by B.A.P. (My babies' debut video!) 6. Add "with a shovel and screwdriver" to the title. Warrior With a Shovel and Screwdriver. Interesting.
Body and Soul by B.A.P. 7. This song describes your week. Um I mean this song is about slow sex... and I ain't getting lucky at all lately, but yeah maybe the feelings...
Hi Haruka by T.O.P of BIGBANG (Secret Message OST) 8. Your theme song. Haha wow, a slow song by my favorite kpop artist? I'm down. Looking at the lyrics (scroll on the video) this fits amazingly well.
Strong Baby by Seungri 9. Song that plays when you think of someone you love. Wow, that's steamy. Can't say I disagree. "this is just the beginning, it’s time to become one your foot on top of my foot, your arm around my body we dance together and start the fire together" ;) ;) ;)
Will Think of You by Davichi 10. Song that plays when you miss someone. Accurate as hell. This is such a lovely song, I love Davichi's vocals. "But I’ll think about it again How could I erase you, who I liked so much? When this night passes and morning comes again Again, I will face you then"
So this made me realize I really have a playlist of songs that speak to me, along with some fun ones. @CosmicCassidy you should do this! I wanna see your results. You could just put it in the comments of the original poster cause this card took forever, #nuregerts
@AdreannaLyn aww thanks for checking it out. and they're all really great songs, though most of them are pretty old
My card took a long time too haha! But it's nice because people can click and hear the songs, I haven't heard some of these and I will now be adding them to my library! Great result btw