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Hello Everyone. I'm new to this app/blog/thingy. So imma just start with a simple post xD Imma just say some things about myself, and maybe post a simple picture, and my youtube channel. ^~^ Well, imma say 5 things about myself. 1. Of course, I love anime/manga! I mean, I wouldn't get this app if I didn't xD 2. I also LOVE warrior cats, there quite amazing, and are what brought me and an important person together. 3. I love drawing, and animating, etc. 4. Asked my friend what she thinks about me, apprentliy I'm funny, brave, ombisious, imcredible, Etc. xD idk. Probably spelled a few things wrong there. 5. I LOVE BELEIVERS. (probably spelt that wrong as well, but just know, anythings possible in a universe this big everyone ^~^ who knows, anime may even exist on a planet far away from here xDD and so much more..) Well, there you go. Hope I make some great friends on here and much more, nice meeting you all ^-^
My YouTube Channel. Most things are like two years old! But as you can see I started posting once more xDD
Welcome to the Vingle family! 馃榿 you'll love it here
Welcome to Vingle. I'm sure u will absolutely love it here. cx I dont even rly like social media, but I love this place. Most of the ppl here r pretty friendly & rly funny. Just join some communities that interest u, comment on anything u like, & voila! U will meet some of the best ppl here & fit right in. ^_^
@SpeckleCloud you are most welcome xD
@MichaelOgg Okay, thank you. xD
Nice to meet you, and very nice introductions. I could see us being fast friends so if you need anything at all just let me know XP
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