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This is going to be my very first con ever, and im super excited about it! Im cosplaying and everything! Im not sure if ill have to go alone though since not many of my friends are into anime or cosplay, so id like some tips. Tips on anything from choosing panels, to taking pictures - and tips on getting in with groups who are going. Ive waited to go to a con for almost 8 years (since I first heard of them) (Next to New York Comic Con in which I also plan on attending). I really want the full con experience- staying in the hotel, meeting cosplayers of all kind and having fun...but I get put off when I think of going in at it alone. So, I need help. If anyone has con experience, please send me tips and stuff I could use.
Good for you. First off, be courteous; ask if you can photograph somebody and expect that from anyone who wants a picture of you. Next, show up early for anything that involves standing in line. I waited 5 1/2 hours for an autograph from Vic Migniona. Last, have FUN
Yes bring money, you'll definitely need it! When I went to Sakura Con I was in a group. But if you really have to go alone then I'm sure you can make some friends there. Bring a sewing kit just in case your cosplay breaks. If you don't know how to sew then bring a lot of safety pins. Check out the panels before hand and decide on the ones you want to visit. I only went to one panel though because of all the stuff I wanted to see in the art alley.
Oh yeah, bring lots of money. It can get expensive.
how exciting
Out here in the Pacific Northwest, we are anticipating Sakura-Con. I plan on doing a card before the week is out. Hope your con is as awesome as ours.