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More fantasy baseball news everyone!
It may not have seen like it, but over the past two seasons, the Boston Red Sox were in the midst of a rebuild period. Yes, they still remained fairly competitive, but they spent the better part of the past two years bringing valuable members of their farm system up, trading old vets and signing new talent.
One of the better investments that the Red Sox have made is rising star Mookie Betts.
In his first full season in the MLB, Betts posted a solid statline of 291 AVG, 18 homeruns and 77 RBI.
While many would focus on those numbers, if you dig a bit deeper some additional numbers REALLY make him valuable. For starters, he hit at a nice spot in the lineup, which allowed him to score 92 runs. He also stole 21 bases. Last, but not least, his on-base percentage was 341', so he has great plate discipline.
Everyone has a different approach in fantasy, but I'll take a guy who can hit for avg and score runs over power anyday of the week. At 23 years old, Betts also shows plenty of room to grow. He could easily push his avg over 300' this year, and if so, watch out!

Is Mookie Betts in line to become a star in fantasy baseball this year?

I don't know about this season. He def has potential though
Ehhh I would want a player with a higher on-base percentage!