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Lee Minho (이민호) reveals that he has a complex about his long second toe A candid interview with Lee Min Ho and Yoona aired on the May 26 episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment. Asked if he had any complexes about his physical appearance, Lee Min Ho said, “My second toe is too long and sticks out when I wear shoes. It’s bent.” About his most attractive point, he said, “My eyes.” Both Lee Min Ho and Yoona said that they didn’t care about their looks when at airports. They said, “We were photographed nicely when we dressed unpretentiously,” telling the secret of the good photos of them taken at airports. Also, Lee Min Ho disclosed a secret, saying, “Yoona acted charming when we met first time,” which caused people to burst out laughing.
I think we all have something we would like to change. He's still perfect :)
You know... the more I read about him... the more I find we have in common. I too have a long "second toe" issue . But I oove to wear open toe heals and such. ㅋㅋㅋ I just learned to accept myself. I wont give up the heels to hide just one small part of me.
Woaah. That's really cool. (*0*)
there are like five different foot types - nothing to be embarrassed about! I have the same basic foot style and it never bothered me. Your beautiful head to toe OPPA.
:) good thing you can hide it... but cute...
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