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Big Bang When you ↝wish↜ you were here! Final in Seoul D-2
It was raining on Day 2 for Big Bang MADE Final tour in Seoul...but is not stopping all VIP fans!!! that is lining up right now!!
This is what happen at Day 1....!!!!!!! you get to see him up close... ↝Booty close!!!!↜
This killer!!!!
This Angel with unbuttoned shirt!!!
Some Lucky fan got Seungri's Jacket!!!!
Someone get lucky holding Taeyang's hand..!!!
↥↥GD's IG update↥↥ Big Bang Until whenever!!!!! Cr to all the owners who took those pictures for us!!!
Thank you for sharing this with us.
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It's not raining! it's pouring! everyone had to wear ponchos and I straighten my hair for no reason!
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