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Is anyone else here planning on going? Also, does anyone have any tips for a first Kpop concert? I'm trying to decide which section to buy tickets for... any tips or advice is much appriciated
OMG Got7 is coming to Atlanta. I am so screaming my head off right now.
Hey I'll be there! also some tips, plan according to the weather but also inside will be hot probably! so make sure you won't pass out from heat either! have water to drink and make sure not to bring a big bag. some venues even say no bag. also everyone there is going to be friendly with you. I was able to talk and meet so many strangers in line at the exo show as well as be friends with the people I sat beside inside! enjoy the line experience! to me that's almost as fun as the show itself. some fans have free fan support, banners, and such they give away and some others even have a flash mob going on! so just make sure you have fun and just enjoy the time haha also for getting tickets look up a seating chart of the venue with numbers on the seats and rows so when buying a ticket you get a look as to where it is,so if you don't like it you can always try again! but he careful. cause they my sell out quick. the show I went to in Chicago the tickets sold,out in 20 minutes. and it was not much smaller than the Cobb PAC. So be prepared to buy the tickets as the time comes rolling up! I had 3 computers set up when I was getting exo tickets haha. message me again as we get closer to the date it would be awesome to meet up and say hi! I'm from Georgia and I was able to do that with some people on here from the Chicago show haha!
My first concert was an EXO concert. My parents surprised me with tickets in the suite section on the right side of the stage. I had went to the concert on a Sunday. And I had a great time. I will tell you this. It will be really loud and the bass will be really intense. And with all the people that will be there and screaming, you may lose your voice too. It happened to me when I went to EXO's concert on the 21st of February. And since it'll be your first concert, the bass may cause discomfort the day after from how it'll reverberate through your body. It happened to me the day after my first concert. Just thought I'd give you these tips, and have alot of fun at the concert. 馃槉
I wanna try to go!
@shawnawise mine to. and i am a10 years their senior fawning over these young men.
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