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Yup or if it's MARKSON then try staying calm and not fangirling ( yea like I can calm down) >.<
But anyways it's Bambam's time to shine and how do we do that? By giving love to bambam and of course the fashionista! Love his book bag and style!
Whatcha thinking there?
And then we see baby bambam growing up!
DUN DUNN DDDUUUNNN!!!!!!! (Dramatic music)
And then out of nowhere it smack us on the face with secret sexiness and hotness !!!!!!!!
Sorry couldn't help it but I just had to put some Markson in, they need love too!
IGOT7 Team @luna1171 @PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @AaliayahNewbell @UnnieCakeAli @ManduBum P.s sorry for not posting recently I've had major issues going on but I'll try my best on still updating.
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aww bambamie ❤️
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