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This story has finally come to an end but don't worry there is another story on its way. This has both Markson and JJ Project but it's mostly JJ Project but like I said in my last chapter this is like a prelude to my next story. I hope you guys like it and also this chapter contains smut. It's a little short too. I hope you really liked this story and I'm going to try to have the 1st chapter of the next story up by next week.
Junior knew that this wasn't a safe thing to do but he wanted it just as bad as JB. JB we can't do this. It's not safe, Junior said in between kisses. You know you want to, JB said as he pushed Junior up against the wall deepening their kiss. JB started to kiss down Juniors neck. JB has one hand behind Juniors neck and the other one around his waste pulling Juniors hips towards his. Junior wraps his arms around JB, running his hands through JB's hair. We shouldn't be doing this. They could come back any minute, Junior said in between kisses. It'll be okay don't worry about it, JB said. Junior wrapped his legs around JB's waist, still pressed up against the wall. These clothes are starting to make me mad, JB complained. We can't right now. We need to slow down, Junior insisted. They won't be back for a while. We can do it before they get back, JB begged. At the amusement park I wonder what JB and Junior are doing. Mark said to Jackson. Who knows. Probably watching a movie, Jackson replied. Hey Jackson, Mark said. Yeah, Jackson answered Can you win me a stuffed animal? Mark asked Anything for you but how are you going to repay me? Jackson teased. I'll think about it, Mark teased. At the dorm As long as it's quick, Junior said. JB starts to take his and Junior's clothes off. You don't know how long I've wanted to do this, JB said. Hopefully as long as I have, Junior replied. JB looked at Junior with surprise. How long? JB asked Day 1, now finish taking my clothes off, Junior demanded. JB continued to take their clothes off. Junior wrapped his legs back around JB's waist. JB slammed him back up against the wall. With every kiss Junior moaned. I can't wait any longer, Junior pleaded. JB takes Junior over to the bed and climbs on top of him. I love you so much, JB said. Enough talking, Junior replied. JB slid in one finger and then two and eventually three. JB wanted to tease Junior for a little bit because of the amazing sounds Junior was making but Junior started to become impatient. Just do it already, Junior begged. Whatever you wish, JB replied. JB lifted Junior's legs up and replaced his fingers with his hard member. Junior moaned in pain but also in pleasure. JB sat there for a second to let Junior get use to him and then he started to thrust. As soon as JB started Junior grabbed onto him causing him to leave scratches on JB's back. As JB reached his climax Junior let out a moan anyone would be jealous of. Are you okay? JB asked as he rolled over next to Junior. Yeah I'm okay but we need to get dressed before they get back, Junior said. All work and no fun, JB mumbled to himself. Junior started to get up bit when he did he has a sharp pain in his lower back. Damn you JB, Junior said as he looked at JB. What? JB asked. Why did you have to go so hard? Junior said in pain. You begged for it, JB replied. Get dressed, Junior hissed. Need help?JB asked. No I don't, Junior said. Junior got up but his walk was a little off making JB laugh. It's not funny, Junior yelled as he started to blush. Love you, JB said. Whatever, Junior said as he stuck out his tongue. Amusement park Hey guys I think we should head back now, Jackson said. Thanks for winning this for me by the way, Mark said. Anything for you my little Dimsum, Jackson said. Dimsum? Mark asked confused. Yeah I thought about nicknames and I feel like that suits you pretty well, Jackson answered. Okay then you're Mandu, Mark said. What? Jackson asked. You heard me, Mark said as he started to walk to the gate of the amusement park. Hey wait up I want to hold your hand, Jackson yelled not caring who hears. Mark holds out his hand to Jackson. I love you, Jackson said. I love you too, Mark replied. Get a room you two, BamBam yelled. We do have one, Mark and Jackson said in unison causing them both to laugh.
I loved it my favorite ships MARKSON and JJ Project!!!!!! Hey bambam can have yugyeum
That's ok. It happens to me all the time. I'm glad you liked the ending. @luna1171
Now I read it I saw I clipped it but apparently forgot to read it... haha my bad.... that was a nice ending. tho.. haha
I'm glad you like it. @MaricelvaRomero
ever since that one time that on the V app Jackson jump on bambam making it look like they were kissing for a cool second lol minutes lol no one NOTICED THAT BUT ME lol
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