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Goal 1: Push harder. For this week, I decided to increase weights by 5-10 lbs, depending on the machine. With the seated row, I found I could actually manage an added 20 lbs (bringing it to 45 lbs), which surprised and delighted me! In yoga, I have been focusing on increasing vinyasa from 6 breaths to 12 incrementally (I'm at 10 breaths). In kenjutsu, I have extended solo practice time from 15 to twenty-five minutes (which I've finally been feeling the effects of in my abdominal muscles). Overall, I'm surprised how easily it's come. The only discouraging thing is that my weight seems to have plateaued again at 225 lbs. I have been tracking my calories, and I've been fairly stable (except Thursday, when I had a little ice cream trouble). I know muscle has more mass than fat, so I'm hoping that it's just this conversion that has my weight loss held up. I do know that everything feels firmer. Goal 2....I haven't had to deal with quite yet. Thankfully.
I understand the plateau thing. I know sometimes when I had actually increased my calories, I start seeing the number on the scale make its way down again. Yes! Increase the weights on the gym equipment! Thank youuuuu for doing the challenge. We can do this!!!
ya know they say muscle weighs more than fat... So it could be that ur beefing up! 馃槂
@alywoah Thanks, I'll research what I might need to switch up. Thank you all for the support! @ZoilaObregon @Ercurrent @SamTheMallow @alywoah
Way to go!!! You're getting stronger :D
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