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Natural Swimming Pool - Azenhas do Mar
Photographer Ricardo Bahuto Felix "Azenhas do Mar, (Translates as sea-watermill) is a town in Portugal located on a hill side by the Atlantic Ocean shore, it’s just about 40 minutes drive (north west) from the capital, Lisbon." [Source - Wikipedia]
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@Arnoldhuang I have traveled pretty extensively in the States. I've been to Canada and Cambodia. I have yet to explore Europe, but I definitely, definitely plan to do so. (^_^)
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I'm envy you,I wish that one day you could complete the plan soon.
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@Arnoldhuang Thank you, Arnold. You're too kind.
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@YinofYang I think we have something in common,haven't we? (^-^)
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@Arnoldhuang ( ^^)人(^^ )
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