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Okay, Imma continue with *drumroll* Jongup and Zelo!!!!
Jongup Memes 1. Again, the expression fits! 2. I just thought this would be cute. 3. I made my one friend happy with this one. I feel so accomplished with making my friends happy. 4. I remember reading that Jongup was the awkward one of B.A.P, so I thought I'd make this cute and funny. But my best friend is probably more awkward than him, if our friend, her and I were to meet all of them, her exact words were when we discussed this, "I'd need someone to soak for me that's how awkward I'd be." No joke. 5. Tell me if you guys get the reference in this. My friend laughed when she got it. 6. This one really made my best friend smile. She literally broke into a huge grin. 7. Jongup is seriously, like, probably mercilessly judging either Himchan or Youngjae during their sass war. Probably Himchan. 8. I think I internally murdered my best friend with this one. This was her facial expression ----> Well, close to that. 9. Now this one, I have a feeling if he got mad enough, this would probably be what he'd say. *nods*
Zelo Memes (MY ULTIMATE BIAS Y'ALL) 1. This is seriously what I thought when I first watched their MV for "Badman". 2. I honestly though that this totally fit together. 3. *squeals at the cuteness* 4. *rolls on the floor cackling again* 5. R.I.P Imagimato Avid B.A.P fangirl died from the sight of Zelo's abs 6. Heehee, he's too cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!! 7. I'll hang out with you! 8. I think it's true. How about all you other Zelo fans? 9. He has his own sublevel like Daehyun and Himchan! 10. I have a feeling that he'd probably do this if he was dating someone. *nods* What do the rest of you think?
1. YES. I DEFINITELY DO!!!!!! 2. Awwww, don't worry Zelo, I'll buy you cookies. 3. *swoons and faints* 4. I seriously want to learn how to skateboard. I wish he would be the one to teach me, that would be awesome! 5. I just really love this one. 6. Yes, yes I did. 7. *starts laughing like crazy and falls off my couch*