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Hello Nakama it's time to rock the dragon!!

Welcome to an on going series of my anime story: make sure to follow the collection.
With the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball last week it seems like the perfect time to tell you my Dragon Ball story. It seems pretty simple: Dragon Ball Z comes to America, I watch it, I love it, end of story. Well it's not that simple; not really.

There's a whole story behind how I got into DBZ and how it continues to be my favorite anime!

Dragon Ball Z:Budokai

For many people, they probably discovered Dragon Ball Z through a friend or by turning on the T.V and finding the high intense action on their own. For me I discovered the awesomeness from the Playstation 2 game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai.
Now I did hear of DBZ before, through friends from school but I never gave it a chance until this game. My younger cousin was a big fan of Dragon Ball and owned this game. One day when visiting his house he was playing it (and that's all he did). It was interesting; "so this is Dragon Ball Z" I thought to myself and I fell in love. Even though I was just watching (my cousin was quite greedy) I was most certainly intrigued.

I went on to buy the game myself and eventually watch the show on Toonami!

Let's start at the end!

By the time Dragon Ball Z:Budokai came out Toonami was already airing the Buu saga. What's a boy to do, wait to see if they show earlier episodes? Buy the dvd's? Nope! I'm in middle school and I don't have the time or money to do ether so I'll just watch the Buu Saga. Luckily for me Budokai does a great job of telling the story of DBZ up to the Buu saga so I knew what was going on. Now the English dub had some catching up to do so the story only went so far. Starting from the great Saiyaman all the way to Majin Vegeta's Sacrifice and then it would start over. I watched Vegeta sacrifice himself over and over again util finally new episodes were announced. I was super excited, I got to see Goku's amazing Super Saiyan 3 transformation and the Fusion of Gotenks not to mention all the great battles that were to come. I still had to go back to watch the rest of Dragon Ball Z, there was still so much greatness to see.

Eventually Cartoon Network would go back to show the Saiyan Saga and beyond so I was able to catch up. There was more to Dragon Ball then just DBZ though so I had to go back to watch that as well.

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT!

Around the same time watching Dragon Ball Z; Toonami and Cartoon Network was showing the original series, Dragon Ball! For those who don't know, North America first got a highly edited version of Dragon Ball Z that introduced the west to Dragon Ball. When Funimation took over the dub they also dubbed and released the original series Dragon Ball. I remember watching Toonami and watching new episodes of DBZ and Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball didn't have the high intense action that DBZ had but it most certainly had it's own charm. Watching my hero Goku grow up with his close friends and allies was intriguing. I didn't like it as much as DBZ but I enjoyed it; now years later I grew to appreciate it and I love it! I love the adventure and the characters. Any time an original Dragon Ball character gets involved in the later parts of Dragon Ball Z I love it.
Along with Dragon Ball and DBZ came Dragon Ball GT. I don't have to say much on this, I think we all know how much of a disappointment this is. This was another Dragon Ball thing for me to watch as I mad my transition to High School. It has it's moments and some cool ideas but with more characters, especially the original characters, getting left behind and new charters being useless it just wasn't what Dragon Ball fans wanted. Not to mention Goku being turned back into a child was a big mistake, like what where they thinking!?

Dragon Ball GT might of been a huge disappointment but it's still a Dragon Ball series and besides that thanks to the new series it's non cannon!

Dragon Ball Super (and the new movies)

We haven't seen much of Dragon Ball since it's end in 1997 in Japan and 2005 in North America. Dragon Ball Kai came out in 2009, taking out filler and making the anime closer to the manga, but it wasn't new content and fans wanted more. In 2013 Dragon Ball fans got their wish with the release of a new movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods! A new movie giving everything the fans wanted. A new strong villain, The God of Destruction Beerus, The same great characters we come to love and a brand new transformation for Goku, Super Saiyan God! This brought all of the action that DBZ fans loved with plenty of comedy and references that fans love. Two years later Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation brought us Resurrection of F which brought back Dragon Balls most iconic villains Frieza! The movie brought more of what Battle of the Gods had with amazing action and comedy; even giving old school Dragon Ball characters into action (all except Yamcha of course). These two movies had huge success in both Japan and America and all across the world, so much so that it brought a whole new series into the mix!
Late 2015 Dragon Ball fans got a brand new series, a new series in almost 20 years! Dragon Ball super Brings all new action to the Dragon Ball universe. Unfortunately fans had to wait for all new content as both Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of F were brought into the cannon and added to the series as their own saga. As the writing of this card there is currently a brand new story in which Goku and friends representing team Beerus are taking on an alternate universes team (universe 6) representing their God of Destruction Champa.

It's looking like a great time for Dragon Ball fans and I'm excited for the future!

So that's, that Nakama and fellow Dragon Ball fans.

That's my Dragon Ball story. It was a fun adventure that continues today.
Dragon Ball remains my favorite anime and yes even I can admit that nostalgia plays a big role in that.

Do you love Dragon Ball?

What's your favorite Dragon Ball moment?

Let me know in the comments or make your own card about your Dragon Ball story!

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
@MajahnNelson I love this story we seem very similar. I love Budakai 3 it really is my favorite. Me and my friend @ChrisSantiago played Tenkaichi 3 forever just doing the tournaments.
Cool card my favorite dbz moment is when goku and vegeta did fusion on the buu saga
Nice!! I'm similar in that I usually get into things through thier offshoots (games, movies, etc) rather than the original XD
@BlackDragon88 keep watching the best is yet to come
My favorite game is Budakai 3. I also like Sagas it's not the best but I played a lot with my brother
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