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Does anyone else have this app?! I think it's the cutest, sweetest thing. But, me being me and wanting to relate everything in my everyday life back to K-Pop some how, I've named all the kittens I've seen, so far, after members of EXO, BTS, Big Bang and Amber! Check it out!
Here are all of the cats that have visited my yard so far, minus a few who I haven't been able to take pictures of!
And here is Lay- kitty playing around, Kai- kitty sleeping and Jiyong- kitty, well, being Jiyong!
This app is almost as cute as this ultra- squishy picture of D.O.!
Is this an app you would download to play around with??
Yep. You're a kpop fan alright! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
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@Tania538 Yes, yes I am!!
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