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I've started a new series called K-star Saturday where I will make a special card dedicated to a different K-star every Saturday! since this is my first card of this series, I thought that I would Start with My Sweet, Loveable Ultimate Bias Ravi.
what I love about Ravi is that He's Sweet, Lovable, Funny, and He's Kind of a Dork, But I love this Dork to Pieces, and I don't want him to change a thing!
I Love his Deep voice, his Adorable Laugh, HIS CHOCLATE ABS ARE TO DIE FOR!!!
He has the Most Gorgeous Eyes, and his smile makes me melt!

Facts about Ravi:

-His Real name is Kim Wonshik.
-He is 6 Feet tall
-His Blood type: O
-His favorite food: anything.
-his Favorite artist: G-Dragon.
-His favorite Colors: Black and White
-His Favorite hobbies: Body Training
-His most Valuable Belonging is his Lyric Notebook, and he takes it everywhere he goes.
-Ravi won the High note battle against Ken.
-Ravi was Jellyfish's first Rapper.
-Ravi wants to raise a Black pug and name it 엉덩이 (Butt) haha! knowing Ravi, I expect him to do something like that! lol
-Ravi wants to try out special hairstyles, Specifically Reggae Hairstyles.
-Ravi would never let his sister marry any of the vixx members, especially Ken.
-Ravi has a birthmark, it is above his elbow on his right arm. so that's why he always wears a bandana on his arm.
-Ravi bathes the fastest in Vixx.
-Ravi snores Really Loud, so when Vixx is Abroad, Usually N shares a room with Ravi, and when he snores loudly, N hits him about three times with a pillow to shut him up.

Ravi Quotes:

" A star has Not meaning without a starlight."
" The reason that Vixx likes each other and gets along is because the right kind of people met each other."
" I wanted to become a BodyGuard to Protect my Sister."
" I hate Fighting, we are all the same. you are an Idol, I'm an Idol, that guys an Idol too."
I'm going to make a card for a Different K-Star every week, you may get to see one completely dedicated to your Bias. if you would like to be notified when ever I make a card for K-star Saturday, you can either follow my Collection "T.G.I.K-Pop" or you can let me know in the comments if you want me to tag you. also if you has any suggestions of who you would like to see me make a card about, you can also let me know in the comments.
I like to call people who are Ravi Biased "Ghosts." because of his solo song.
I'm tagging My Fellow Ghosts out there.
I am so Sorry if I missed anybody.
Thank you!!
Can you tag me in any future cards please?
may I be tag
Thank youuuu!
@JewelsLouise1 sure thing, it's no problem. 😊
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