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so @loftonc16 made this wedding game EXO ver. so legoooo!
MY husband hahaha the funny thing is that im listening to him sing like rn & he ruined my bias list. awww yeah boazi.
oh my.....I love it....
*sobs* xiumin why you do this, im cry happy tears. I really wish this was real. Luhan yasssss.
it pretty but to much shiny stuff (not Shinee, boy band) but I got with it.
um...not what I wanted but ok i love it.
oh my big bang yassssss! or idk I may marry top or luhan instead so idk this may be a bad idea lol
I like it. it perfect! I can actually see me & xiumin in our new apartment.
I like. maybe I could name one baby luhan & baby sehun & idk lol so I hope you enjoy it. if you any mistakes pls tell me.
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so im going to start a tag list so commet down below your name if you want to be on my tag list
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@EmilyGardner I didn't make the game XD Love the results though. The wedding dress isn't my style either, like you said too shiny and not the SHINEE we are thinking of.....
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@loftonc16 oh sorry I thought you did my bad
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@loftonc16 thanks! lol I had to say that
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@EmilyGardner No problem. Just edit it to say I tagged you. 馃槉
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