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Art done by Rboz❤

Some of the words are small so the whole conversation will be here to enjoy all the cuteness❤ Levy: Ah! Gajeel: Gihi Levy: Gajeel... Gajeel: Say Hi Levy: Ok! Levy: H-Hello good afternoon (?) I-I'm a friend of your son!! We're in the same guild in all! I'm so h-honored to meet Gajeel's Father....! Ah I-I can make some iron to eat for you tw-- Gajeel: Forget what she said, I'll do it. Levy: GUH! Gajeel: This tiny blue haired woman here is Levy McGarden. She's an amazing Solid Script Mage.... Her words come to life and stuff... She's also pretty smart and stupidly kind.... Maybe a little cute.. When she's mad.... And to be honest she has saved my ass a lot of times already. I wouldn't be alive today. But she's also an aggressive kisser... She leaves me breathless gihihi xD Metalicana: So is that Shrimp..... That idiots wife? She must be a shrimp. Lily: Ahh not really.... she's just a friend. Metalicana: Hmm.. That brat's eyes has changed a lot since then... Aside getting uglier. He used to be such a crybaby too... Lily: Is he praising Gajeel or not?? Metalicana: Now that brat who couldn't leave my side has matured it to someone who would risk his life for others. Heh look at that nasty smile. He almost looks like a nice human... Gajeel: Give up now shrimp! Gihi... Levy: Noooo Never! Metalicana: Those lifeless eyes.... Young Gajeel: Yer gonna teach me... Dragon Slayer Magic? Metalicana: Are no more... Lily: Yes Gajeel has found his light in Fairy Tail. And he will protect that happiness...... Because that's the kind of man he has become.....
levy face doe
@BrittneyCasteel Awww its ok I would've cried too if it happened in the anime😥😊
respect for the artist
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