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I ordered this last month from Kpopmart.com and got it yesterday ^_^ I got a Jin on stage picket thing, ν™”μ–‘μ—°ν™” pt. 2 - Blue Ver. And a Jin HipHop Monster, Ive been wanting it for months *^*
But my friend also sent me 2NE1's first mini album (???) Im sure xD but I didn't open it till I got my BTS album
Im so happy, but right after I got the package I had to leave it all behind at my house because I was coming to NYC 😐 I wanna hurry home and open my hiphop monster *€* μ•ˆλ…•! πŸ‘‹πŸ» ~SeNa μ„Έλ‚˜
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how lucky...i need to save up for what I need
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