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Title inspired by @jordanhamilton getting a song stuck in my head yesterday lol Even after listening to it 20 times, it's still there -.- Thanks! =/ ;p
All nudging aside, I would love some advice! I'm looking for a new face wash. I've tried many and there are a lot that I like, but I want to try more, because it's fun! My skin is, luckily, pretty clear, but I still wash my face consistently to keep it that way. I also don't have sensitive skin nor do I ever seem to have problems with dryness or peeling. And thanks to recent development, I may be moving in with somebody into our own place who DOES have sensitive skin and the occasional (small) break out. We both aren't naturally oily, but we prefer to stay away from the oil-based stuff anyways. The products pictured above are my microdermabrasion ($42), which I do once every two weeks, and my two most recent face washes. The orange ($15) one is amazing, but quite a bit stronger than the blue one ($7). So on the days where I work and go to school, I just do a quick wash with the blue one and on the days I'm off, I do a deeper cleaning with the orange one. The other two I've returned back to repeatedly and highly recommend/like are as follows:
This one sits around $8 It's really good for sudden break outs and oily skins! Smells good and works fast and keeps your skin really clear. And you feel (and look) clean after, which is really good!
This one is $25 It's actually one of my favorites! You feel clean and glowy and awesome and refreshed after and stuff!
So, long story short, what face wash(es)/products do you recommend? =) (Reasonable ≈$50) Price is not a problem ^.^
Recently I've been using two differently face washes. They're both not really exfoliaters because I use them with my Clarisonic Mia hahaha!! But sometimes I don't want to use it, so I just use them as regular facewashes & they're great - really gentle but get away enough of the extra oil to keep me from breaking out. I use Philosophy's Purity Made Simple ($24 for 8oz) and Acure Organic's Facial Cleansing Gel (I think it was about $10 at Target!!)
My advice sucks for beauty....but if you want to do what I do -- do a sugar and olive oil scrub and that seems to great things to my skin.
@Arellano1052 hopefully they'll work out! Keep me updated! :)
@cindystran Awesome! I looked into both and plan on ordering them on my next pay check! Thank you! I'll let her borrow them for a few days too, just to see if she likes them and that they work for her! My bestie's happiness is the most important lol Since she's already planning on stealing my shampoo and conditioner (I have longer hair than she does, and not to toot my own horn, but my hair always smells amazing lol I sometimes just smell it because I love it so much 😂), I figure it makes easier and cheaper, to get as much of the same things!
Love this post! Mary Kay's face wash is great! I tried it once when I was having a sleepover at my friend's place. We had a mini facial session and I love how the face wash doesn't make my skin feel dry. However, I've been using philosophy's purity made simple face wash ($24) because it's mild, smells great and is gentle enough for removing eye-makeup! I definitely recommend it for daily-use. For occasional use, I would recommend LUSH's Herbalism ($14) for light exfoliation. It makes your skin dewy and healthy!
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