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Day 55 of the 250k transformation challenge. Have a great weekend!
hey bro very nice with the progress. just to give some advice dont fully trust the machines for body fat percentage. i claculated mine with my nutritionists and dietitian and it said i was 12% and for me i can see all my abs and i am very toned. not trying discourage but go to ur doctor or find a professional to get you the accurate results. you are doing great and trying hard and that is probably the best part of the challenge. to become a more fit and better person. is the main goal and you are definitely close. keep up the great work
@UDskam yeah man keep going and let nothing stop you from reaching ur goal!!
@LeonardKumwong thanks for the words of encouragement! Yea, at the end of the transformation challenge I'll get a dexa scan for my body fat.. Well see how close these 2 machines are as far as accuracy.. Plus I can play the guess my body fat % game!