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So this is team SSSN, which is fairly well known as team K-pop...I can't imagine why!

This is a team of characters from the well-known animated series RWBY from Rooster Teeth and created by Monty Oum. I added in the video for Fantastic Baby in case some haven't seen it.
The moment I saw Neptune it was utterly obvious that he was based on T.O.P during the Fantastic Baby era! Especially once he said he couldn't dance.
Scarlet! Don't even get me started; G-dragon is the obvious base for him, right? I mean, red coat on his shoulders, red hair with an asymmetrical cut (over the same side mind you), and he also has a very lean body type in comparison to the other boys.
Sage seems to be very, very similar to Taeyang. He has the neck tattoo, as well as the wings tattooed on his chest. Plus the spiky hair and a shoulder/arm piece.
Now Sun is kind of murky. His isn't as obvious. He may or may not be based on Daesung. All they really have in common is blonde hair, being kind of goofy and smiley, and are okay with not wearing shirts.
The only ones that were confirmed by the series creator, were Neptune and Scarlet. But for me, I feel like Sage had to be influenced because that's just too many coincidences. Anyway! I just thought this was really cool to see and wanted to share it!

Remember people, anime boys do exist in real life; and apparently they're all in Korea!

lol All in Korea. xD
Ahhh. I love rwby! This is great.