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Chapter 8~ Chanyeol

~Arizona 1992~

When I was teleporting from Almaty, I didn't expect to teleport in the middle of a forest. The tress were big and green. The ground had a mushy feel but crunchy sound to it. I circled around in one spot, looking around my surroundings. I was panicking because this was not where I wanted to be. I wanted to be in the city where I can give Chanyeol to somebody I know I can trust to take care of him. I heard a branch snap from the left of me. I looked and saw an Xerusian coming out. Looking to my right, front, and back. They were all coming out one by one. In total there was five of them and only one of me with a baby in my arms. "Well it looks like we have you trapped, My Queen." one of them said. I shook my head "Not for long" I told them as they charged at me. I high kick one of them in the neck and chest while I used my powers to defeat them. As I was using fire, the forest started to burn with smoke and fire spreading everywhere. I threw one last fireball at the last Xerusian. It hit him as he leaped in the air with his weapon in his hand, coming towards me. He gasped and dissolved into ashes. I was breathing hard and started to cough as I inhaled the smoke. I knew I needed to get out of there quick because I was still holding Chanyeol in my arms. I turned around and ran before even more fire spread. Once I got into a clear view and away from the fire. I was gasping to catch my breath when I looked up to see a campfire site. I quickly made my way to the front of the tent and placed Chanyeol there. "Chanyeol, mommy loves you and your brothers. Please don't forget that okay. Stay safe" I said to him as I kissed his forehead and left him there. ~Person p.o.v~ My wife and I came back with our kids from a hick on the trails. We were having a family event because we all been busy with our day to day schedules. My seven year old daughter and five year old son were skipping in front of us while singing. The kids arrived to the camp site before my wife and I. "Mommy, Daddy there's a baby in this basket" my daughter said looking in the basket when my wife and I arrived. We looked at each other and walked to the basket to see that our daughter was right about the baby. My wife picked up the baby boy and held him to her chest. "You poor sweet boy, who would leave you in the woods by yourself" my wife cooed at the baby. The baby giggled and waved his tiny arms in the air. I came closer and looked at the baby as he smiled and giggled more. I smiled at the baby and rubbed my hand on his head but what caught my eye was a necklace and a white envelope. I picked them up and opened the white envelope. I read the letter out loud so my wife can hear what it say. She was sad that this women would leave her son out in the woods to starve or die. "We should keep him honey. I'm afraid that if we give him to the ophanage that he's going to end up some where bad for him." my wife said as I nod. So that day on we decided to pack up and go home to take care of our new son Chanyeol.
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