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Girl Love.
more girls should be like this :) come on try it! go compliment another girl today :) it lowkey feels good when another female compliments your make up, hair or clothes but most are too petty to even say anything...
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I notice this allot. Seems to me that girls tend to trash talk when they are jealous of some quality another girl has that they themselves wish they had. Am I wrong?
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@Oxmodius a lot of girls are pressured to "not be like other girls" and to distance themselves from women. But I think it would be wrong to generalize this behavior since all women are unique and come with their own set of difficulties
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@shannonl5 This is true. That was my mistake, I didn't intend to put an umbrella over women like that, so I do want to apologize. I do tend to see this a lot though, be it the media or in my personal life. But again, I don't mean to generalize because I know that's unfair. It's just sad to see it happening so frequently. Not to mention, guys do it too...
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@Oxmodius no worries, I understand where you're coming from. I think you are right to point out that a lot of time when people are feeling vulnerable they lash out instead of dealing with the problem.
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I so agree. we need to do more of it and run the world
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