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Guys, I can't stop looking and listening to Taemin, He is literally taking over everything!! And his album "Press It" is not helping at all XD!! Let's just review on how Taemin ruins all our lives.

The first thing that ruins me is his VOICE!!!

His voice is just heaven on Earth...I can never hear enough it! This album has satsified my ears for awhile but I'm always left with the feeling of wanting more.

Next, of course, has to be his AWESOME DANCE MOVES!!

Taemin a.k.a "The Next Michael Jackson" has dance moves that is incomparable. He has honed his inner Michael and just lets it loose on the dance floor which is something that would kill anyone!! His dance its always so good and full of passion. In other words, he's a pretty good dancer XD

Do I Even Have To Mention His Looks??? I Mean, Look At Him!!

He's perfection.............that's it

Now If You Want To See All These Things All In One, All You Have To Do Is Watch These 2 MV's!!!

Hopefully after seeing this, You will understand why I'm acting like this lol...Taemin just needs to chill all the way down XD

I've been listening to his album non stop since it arrived. Plus watching him backstage at show champion reminded me of how cool a person he really is. He's my bias in SHINee and a beautiful piece of work. I agree with you on all points... he's going to be on problematic men next week and show off his sexy brain too. woo-hoo! !
He is just perfect
@lovetop no problem
Press it!!!!!..Taemin thanks for sharing...
lol I get it I love him I was watching him and shinee yesterday too taemin is perfect trasendra cafe I can't forget it ❤❤
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