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Summary: Nanami may be little, but she is far from fragile. She is witty, sassy, and dangerous. She runs her own group of criminals and has been known to love anything and everything shiny, but she will not pay for any of it. She is a thief, and a good one at that. When some of her boys get captured by the police she has to make up her mind to either cancel the heist or find replacements. Just in time, her new neighbors move in and capture her attention with their raw talent. She decides the heist will continue, but how to get the boys to join? Blackmail of course.
Now just to clear this up. The boy's personalities might be a bit different from what they are like in real life, but I do not personally know them and this a FICTION story. Please take this into account as you read. Thank You.
All Parts of this story are here ~~> Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Jin backed away from Nanami as she approached. “You are not what I would call fun Nanami.” He stated simply.
“Oh don’t be like that pretty boy,” Nanami reached out and ran her finger over his lips and smirked as his body shook gently. “You seemed to enjoy our little kiss the other day. If I remember right, you even got into it.”
She laughed softly as his cheeks changed into a deep crimson red and he turned away from her hand. “No I did not.” He said weakly.
“Awe, don’t lie Jinie, we both know you very much enjoyed it. That is why you have locked me in this room and won’t see me anymore.” She pouted out her lip and gave him her best puppy dog eyes. “How could you just ignore me like that?”
Jin swallowed hard and stood there frozen, unsure of what to do. Even if he did enjoy it, there was no way he could admit that to her. She was, is, bad news and not someone he should find interest in. On top of the fact that she is a thief by profession, she was always running away. She had already said that she and Levi had to leave the country as soon as the heist was over. He wasn’t sure he was willing to let her any closer to him or the other boys if she was just going to up and leave them never to return. He was brought out of his own thoughts when arms reached around him and a head laid against his chest.
Nanami had seen the look of lost confusion on his face and decided to test her own theory. She wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest right above his heart. She smiled appeased when she heard his sharp intake of breath and his heart beat quicken.
“W..Wh…What are you doing?” Panic laced his voice but Jin didn’t dare move an inch.
Nanami looked up at him a flirtatious smile tugging at her lips. She had to admit she was enjoying teasing him more than she should.
“Hyung? Noona?” Nanami turned her head and smiled at the surprised Jungkook. Jin pushed Nanami off of him and turned to face the maknae.
Nanami giggled and walked up to the younger one putting her arm around his back. “I was just talking to your hyung here about releasing me from confinement. He agreed that I shouldn’t be locked up anymore.” Nanami smirked back at Jin as the younger one grew excited about her coming out to hang out with them again.
Jungkook smiled brightly and pulled her along with him saying that they needed to go get some lunch with the rest of the group then. As they passed by Jin she stopped for a moment and cocked her head to the side smiling innocently. “You shouldn’t lie to me Jinie, it only makes me want to prove you are lying more. Just wait, that was only test number one.” She whispered to him and winked at his confused look as Kookie pulled her along.
It didn’t take much convincing to get the boys to agree to chicken and pizza for lunch. When the food finally arrived they all sat around a large open space on the floor and began eating. Levi sat next to the quiet Yoongi silently feeding him random things. Nanami raised an eyebrow wondering just what she might have missed while Jin had kept her locked up for that week.
The other boys told her about their progress in their training. She smiled listening to them go on about their new found interests. Jungkook told her that he had been training hard and the next time she was in trouble he would take care of her instead of the other way around. This caused the entire group to burst into fits of laughter over the young one’s enthusiasm and determination to protect the tiny but feisty Nanami. “Ok Kookie, next time you can protect me.” She smiled and touched his shoulder. “I’ll look forward to it.”
She turned her attention back to the food in front of her only to notice the look she was receiving from across the way. Jin had sat right in front of her and she noticed quickly that the muscles in his jaw had clenched. She smirked deciding it was time to start test number two.
Nanami turned her attention to her other side and smiled at Hoseok. He was talking about the new dance moves he had been working on for the team’s newest song. “They will be more difficult this time; I don’t think Namjoon will be able to keep up.” It didn’t even take a minute before a half-eaten pizza crust came flying to hit Hoseok in the head. He laughed and turned towards the pizza’s launching point. “What? It’s the truth.”
“You make them hard just so you can give me a hard time.” The boys again laughed at Namjoon’s response.
“Hoseok, will you show me the new dance?” Nanami asked in her sweetest voice possible.
His face lit up instantly and he said he would even teach her some of the dances if she wanted to learn them. She smiled flirtatiously and grabbed his hand nodding her head. “That would be fun.” She put her other hand over her almost healed wound and made a pouty face at him. “You have to be gentle with me though, I am not as good of a dancer as you are.”
He laughed, “Of course I won’t push you too hard, you couldn’t be anywhere near as bad as Namjoon though.” Nanami moved just in time for a piece of chicken to fly towards Hoseok this time.
She giggled and turned to look at Namjoon. “Now Joonie it isn’t nice to throw things at the other boys.”
“Sometimes it is nicer than the alternative.” Namjoon shot back only getting Nanami to smile and nod her head.
The food was almost gone and Nanami said she would clean up so that Hoseok could show her the dances. She went to stand up and slipped, Jungkook reacted quickly to catch her in his arms. Pulling back, Nanami smirked and placed a hand on Jungkook’s chest while she thanked him for being her knight.
She opened her mouth to say something else but she was grabbed again by the wrist and turned to look at a very angry Jin. “Oh! Looks like the oldest wants me all to himself tonight. Maybe I can play with you tomorrow Hoseok?” She smirked and giggled as Jin tugged on her arm a bit causing her to speed up.
“What the hell are you doing?” Nanami could swear she saw steam coming out of the pretty boy’s ears and she only giggled in response to his question. He backed her into the wall and looked down at her, those thick lips of his only hovering inches from her own.
“You failed, twice I might add.” He looked at her confused for a moment but she just smiled. “You are obviously jealous about me hanging on the other guys, that is why you dragged me here and earlier your heart beat also gave away how you feel about me. So,” She paused and gently tugged on the fabric of his shirt over his chest. “You still want to deny that you enjoyed the kiss?”
Jin hit the wall behind her head and turned to walk away from her, his eyes facing up towards the ceiling. “No… yes?... I don’t know. All I know is that you will be leaving so we shouldn’t go there and I don’t want you touching the other guys like that.”
She smirked. Now she was getting somewhere, things could be fun if he keeps denying it like this. She thought to herself. She sauntered over swaying her hips until she stood right in front of him. “Well it might not last…” She ran her hands up his chest and stood on her tippy toes so she was closer to his face. “But who ever said short and fun isn’t also good for you?” She moved until her lips were only an inch away from his. “You never know; you might just enjoy it.” Before she could open her mouth to say anything else Jin had grabbed her around her waist and crashed his lips against hers in a passionate yet sloppy kiss.
I figured we needed a few chapters just dedicated to the development of Jin and Nanami's relationship. The actual heist is coming up soon, but I'll let you in on a secret... that isn't the end of the story.
As always thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. The next item I have in mind to post is another Short, I just haven't picked our leading man yet so I have yet to write it. I hope you look forward to it!
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