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Just a random selection of Kizomba dances I like... It's better to just watch words say little sometimes ❤️‍
@2Distracted Maybe when I was a child it was like that, there was the need to be seen, I think now, I have a detachment from the normal chit chat, there is a lot of social chat, people making noise, its the same on most social media this constant, I am fine doing well, children, great wall of social image, sometimes you only find out after some tragic event, and some times not even then. So some times you feel how some one is dancing, much more than speaking, you feel if they need a hug, if they are lonely, if they are happy or sad, tired or alive, and I think some times you see more clearly who they are, then sometimes they want to speak and it goes back to there normal social wall of communication, I don't know if that sort of explained it?
Hahaha!! I had a heck of a time just going to California for 9 days due to the 2 hours behind me difference. surreal! So going to another country would be really tough!!!! I could never have to patience or ability to sit on a plane for 10 hours either. that hurt sounds like torture to mw. I don't know how people who fly all the time do it!!!
@2Distracted Yes time zone madness is a strange infliction of the modern globalisation, I start to wonder what time zones I identify more with? the one I am in, or the one I want to be on!
@2Distracted how strange to hear that since its 11 pm here in Wisconsin.
@2Distracted I should have gone dancing, now I am awake in the early morning, not slept a wink. tomorrow is today, oh heck...
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