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Just a random selection of Kizomba dances I like... It's better to just watch words say little sometimes ❤️‍
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@2Distracted and oh for chips in newspaper... being's back memories..
@2Distracted I should have gone dancing, now I am awake in the early morning, not slept a wink. tomorrow is today, oh heck...
@2Distracted how strange to hear that since its 11 pm here in Wisconsin.
@2Distracted Yes time zone madness is a strange infliction of the modern globalisation, I start to wonder what time zones I identify more with? the one I am in, or the one I want to be on!
Hahaha!! I had a heck of a time just going to California for 9 days due to the 2 hours behind me difference. surreal! So going to another country would be really tough!!!! I could never have to patience or ability to sit on a plane for 10 hours either. that hurt sounds like torture to mw. I don't know how people who fly all the time do it!!!