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Winner Taehyun anime look alike
okay so I have recently started watching "My Little Monster" & I can't help but notice that Kenji looks a bit like Winners' Taehyun. maybe you agree maybe you don't but I'm just stating my opinion.
⇩ comment below who you think has an anime look alike ⇩ I also encourage you to check out "My Little Monster" which is a romantic comedy ♥ see you next time!
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oh I've seen my little monster and I think your right they do look alike
2 years ago·Reply
me and my friend watch my littlw monster its so cute
2 years ago·Reply
thank you for agreeing with me @DestinaByrd & yeah I've only started watching it & I already love it @amandamuska
2 years ago·Reply
oh my gosh they do look alike
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