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Hey cuties! So one of my friends recently introduced my to Tony Moly. It is a Korean cosmetics brand. They have a shop located in New York's Korea Town, that sells affordable AND good quality products. They were founded in 2006 with the support of Tae Sung Industry. The name Tony Moly literally means "putting style into packaging" n April 2008, Soo Hwan Kang was appointed as the new president and 60 stores in Korea were opened. In 2009, Tony Moly opened stores in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Myanmar. By November, it had over 120 stores in Korea. In 2010, Kim Huonh Cheon was appointed as the new CEO and Tony Moly opened its 200th shop. In 2011, Tony Moly opened its 300th shop and in April, Tony Moly opened its first store in the Philippines. On August 2013, Tony Moly launched in Russia, opening two stores in Rostov-na-Donu and Ulan-Ude. In 2013, Tony Moly opened its 10th single shop in Indonesia
For those of you that don't live in New York, or just want to check out the products, there is also an online shop! If you wish to check it out, here is a link: Writer: Shey! @ParkHwaYoung Tagging the head chairs: @bbyitskatie @MichelleIbarra And tagging the rest of the fam: @xoxrlwoxo @LenaBlackRose @daniimals @Gaarita100 @ILikeHisFace13 @tayunnie @amobigbang @Sailynn @reyestiny93 @Elaynethtrumpet @JohnEvans @ParkHwaYoung @Stefany17 And tagging others: @NinaLlama @AmberRelynn @tinafalcon22 @NatashaRoot @JessikaLuna @BabyLuhan @JennieThor @tinaechle @PliaVaj @HunniNutFeelios @Mercedesbenz98 @orchiofriend549 @monicacerroblan @bbyitskatie @YaritzaTovar @shadowCYRMBBCL @sexylexi93 @summerblack2 @kpopdeluxegirl @OliviaEdwards @MariaZhangKim @bunnyybooo @DestineeLiu @terenailyn @JennieThor @jupiterchan @BBxGD @MaggieHolm @ElleHolley @Ligaya @BelencitaGarcia @LauraEspinoza @alexiselcox @Kieuseru @DominiqueThomas @OhItsJas @originaljacqui @SarahHm11 @jessicaacosta90 @woahdersierra @SandraMirafuent @falme2 @BAbrajan1 @LucianoVargas2p @QueenLee @SerenityThao @BTS282236 @garanoxgrace @shisuschrist @Kpossible4250 @Abby97 @DalyRomero @DestineeTrost @winxclusive @shelbyperez10 @Lexxcisco @maldonadosonia1 @andreaimnida @MintKookie @stevesmallz @RebeccaLondon @monicaaadgaf @JinsPrincess86 @mitchix5 @domo9456 @Kitty17 @ChavaBerry @stsmarlene @AyePena @EliseB @summerblack2 @UnicornSuga @CrookedShadow @EhPlah @EvelynLoyaRico @Sammie99522 @AnaP @VatcheeAfandi99 @MrsJungHoseok @rmayra1 @DalyRomero @candymonster30 @resavalencia @Moose1998 @Lexxcisco @nancyMnguyen @HaleyHerbig @Ligaya @narutobandgeek @JiminniePooh @Zyxzj @SassyMaknae @BreeHubler @DayzC @KpopandKdrama @AlysaNguyen @sleepingyoongi @Emilykitetenjo @ManaiaPio @AngieGonzalez @kpopbunny9 @evieevelyn @gijan0298 @Badtz @nenithsunico @BangtansWife95 @JennieThor @mistygreen @camwheel @ashleyemmert @mjenifferjm9 @daniimals Info and details received from:
Omg just looking at them.........I WANT THEM
we have Tony moly in hawaii but I haven't been there in so long. I need to buy new eye mask sheets. we also have other korean beauty brands too.
I LOVE korean beauty products. I swear by them. And the packaging is adorable!
I loved it!!!
I love tony moly I bought a lot of their stuff when I was over In Korea. Amazing cosmetics!
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