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We all have that one friend who won't get into K-Pop no matter what - she outright refuses to share this love with you, claiming all the members look alike and the boys look too pretty.  Why can't she just understand the perfection that is K-Pop?!?! If your constant barrage of K-Pop music and MVs do nothing to budge her, here are 10 foolproof ways to get her to finally see eye-to-eye with you.

1. Whenever something good happens to her, play a K-Pop song. IT'S CALLED CONDITIONING.

2. Sneak into her room when she's out and plaster the walls with glorious topless pictures. You like chocolate?  Well, then...

How do you like them chocolates?!

3. If her phone is her best friend... Step One: Steal her phone and change her ringtone to a K-Pop song

Yes... I can feel my plan working...

Step Two: Replace your photo ID to that of a goddess idol.

We all wish, right?

Step Three: Replace her crush's photo ID to that of T.O.P.  Whisper, "Who's your crush now.

I dare you to resist.

4. Single her out. 

Step One: Gather a group of your friends who are K-Pop fans.  Step Two: Make constant references to K-Pop. Step Three: Notice she's lost, scoff, and go, "Oh, you don't know K-Pop?"

5. Constantly sing the catchiest hook you can around her.

Is it stuck in your head yet?

6. Create a fake zumba class and drag her to it. Alas, all the songs are K-Pop songs!

7. Connect her to an electronic buzzer that shocks her whenever she says "don't like" and "K-Pop" in the same sentence unless it's "I don't understand how anyone could not like K-Pop."

8. K-Dramas can be the gateway!  Whenever a romantic moment ensues, sing "LOVE IS THE MOMENT" or"ALMOST PARADISE."

9. Tie her up and force her to watch K-Pop MVs for days.

That should work!

10. When all else fails, ultimatums:"You like K-Pop or we're no longer friends."

That should do the trick!  Have fun with your new best friend in K-Pop! *PLEASE DO NOT DO HALF OF THIS STUFF! I'M ONLY KIDDING!* XD
@TheEnlightment she'll have no say
@CosmicCassidy let's do this to Kiki lmao
@PolarStarr lmao let's try it 😂😂😂
Hmm.. just might work on Daisy.. 😈😈 @CindyHolguin
I find it sad that I have actually done some of these steps already to condition my friends that don't know wether to like K-Pop or not lol........ AT LEAST I DIDNT TORTURE THEM, ALL I DID IS SING IT EVERY SINGLE DAY........uhhm......*throws blanket up and runs away*
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