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1.Paradise-Infinite (so I will die in paradise ?πŸ˜‚) 2. Monster-Big Bang (my love life is a monster ?πŸ˜‚) 3.The little prince-Ryeowook (this will play at my wedding) 4.History in my pants (EXO) 5.Quietness-Andrew Tan and Miu Chu (Quietness will play at my funeral πŸ˜‚) 6.Black Pearl with a shovel and screwdriver 7.Lucky-Exo (I've had a lucky week) 8.Transformer-Exo is my theme song 9.Arario-Topp Dogg (will play when I think of someone I love) 10.Because I'm stupid-ss501 (when I miss someone)
@bryyyaanna yea.....I was not entirely okay with that πŸ˜…
1. Hello B****es - CL 2. I did it - SPICA 3. Zutter - (GD & Top) 4. Again in my pants - Turbo 5. I got a Boy - SNSD 6. Call Me Baby with a shovel and screwdriver - EXO 7. The Beat - ToppDogg 8. U&I - Ailee 9. WOW - BtoB 10. Sober - Big Bang
hahaha "history in my pants". thanks! I love it
1. My Girl-BAP (die as their girl?) 2. Sokol Luv Affair-BTS (oh my.....) 3. Hello-NU'EST 😊 4. Propose [in my pants]-BTS (not sure how I feel about this....) 5. Cafe-Big Bang (talking about a cafe at my funeral 😐) 6. Albatross [with a shovel and a screwdriver]-BAP (what?!) 7. Cypher pt. 2-BTS 8. Today-BAP (I'm totally okay with this!) 9. On The Snow-EXO 10. A Fool of Tears-Big Bang (I already do this....)
1. J Rabbit - talkin bout' love 2. Suzy Baekhyun - Dream 3. Exo D.O - scream(Cart OST) 4. Loco Yuju - Spring is gone in my pants 5. BTS - No more dream 6. CLC - Pepe with a shovel and screwdriver 7. Healer OST (you) - Ben 8. Seventeen - Adore you 9. April - Snowman 10. Boyfriend - SNSD
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