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My BTS album came in today!!! I wasn't expecting it until mid March, but it came early!!! I literally screamed when I walked back in my house. So much feels!! I got my bias, Jin, photocard!! So much happiness!!
These are the extra cards. The first picture is the front and the second is the back.
This is the poster that came with it, which is definitely going on my wall soon. God, Rapmon is a sexy beast <3
This is my first kpop CD and I'm so happy. All of it was bubble wrapped, so the album was in great condition. So excited to listen to it!!! BTS Fighting!!!
I'm jealous you got a Jin card.....I always seem to get JHope. I have the Kookie poster...or rather, my daughter took the Kookie poster.
@amandamuska you're welcome <3
ok thanks @AmberRelynn
I got it on Amazon . The seller is KPOP MARKET (Hanteo and Gaon Chart Family Shop) @amandamuska
where do uou get these