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So I found this game on @CrystalGuerra page I'm not sure if she created the game or not but here's the original
1) I'm feeling Alone today (Alone- U-Kiss) 2) My love life is filled with Hate (Hate- 4minute) 3) My friends see me as a Sad Movie (Sad Movie- Beast) 4) My day will turn out like Heaven (Heaven- Ailee) 5) My Bias feels Thunder for me (Thunder- EXO) 6) My wedding song is Ah-Ah- Teen Top 7) I'd make love to Hyde- VIXX 8) Advice I need to take is Why So Serious (Why So Serious- SHINee) 9) I should go Insane with my life (Insane- Ailee) 10) My theme song is Destiny- Infinite
Just in case you guys were interested in the songs I got
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I might try doing this shuffle game but nice results~
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@ReynadeKpop thank you :)
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@Gaarita100 no problem~
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So cool! I'm going to try it out. ^^
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