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This is the first chapter. I might change the title because for some reason I'm not fully satisfied with the name and I don't know why. So if you like the current name or you think it deserves a different name just tell me in the comments. This chapter doesn't have smut The members of Got7 will be in this story and I might put a little Markson in this one too.
2 years ago Do you need help with something? A man asked. Yeah I'm looking for the trainee studio. Junior said. Oh that's cool cuz that's where I'm headed, the man answered. Hey I'm Jinyoung but people usually call me Junior. It's my first day, Junior said. Yeah I can tell. I'm Jaebum by the way but you can call me JB, Jaebum replied. Junior followed JB to the studio. Along the way Junior couldn't help but keep staring at JB. He's so cute, Junior thought out loud without realizing. Huh? Did you say something? JB asked. No I didn't, Junior said as he cursed at himself. Well we're here, JB said. Junior stopped in the doorway before going in. Is everything okay Junior? JB asked. A little nervous is all, Junior replied. Don't be, JB said with a laugh. He's so cute when he laughs, Junior thought to himself. JB grabbed Junior's hand to drag him into the studio. Don't be afraid. We usually just mess around until the choreographer gets here, JB said. Really? Junior said surprised. Yeah. See watch this, JB said as he went to the middle of the dance studio. What are you doing? Junior asked. I said to watch, JB replied. JB started to b-boy, obviously trying to show off. JB looked over at Junior. Seeing Juniors reaction made JB laugh. JB stopped and walked back over to Junior. So what did you think, JB asked. What do you mean what do I think? That was amazing, how did you do that? Junior said in excitement. A lot of practice, JB said. After a couple of hours of practice the choreographer called it a day. Hey Junior, JB said. Yeah? Junior replied. Want to go grab something to eat to celebrate you making it through your first day? JB asked. Sure why not, Junior accepted. JB and Junior stopped by a street vendor and ordered a couple bottles of soju and an order of tteokbokki. Have you tried soju before? JB asked. No I haven't actually but I've wanted to, Junior said. Well here you go, JB said. JB pours him and Junior a shot of soju. On three? JB said. Sure, Junior said. I warn you it's pretty strong, JB said. That's okay, Junior said with caution. 1...2...3, they both throw back their shots. Junior grabbed his throat from the burn. JB laughed. It burn like hell but it's pretty good, Junior said. I told you it was strong, JB said after he stopped laughing. After they finished the first two bottle of soju they ordered two more. By the time they were done Junior was so wasted. Okay let's get you home, JB said as he helped Junior up. JB thanks for helping me on my first day, Junior said as he slurred his words. No problem. Now tell me where do you live? JB asked. You know I was really nervous today but thanks to you everything worked out really well, Junior continued to slur his words. Junior looked up at JB, face flushed from the alcohol. Don't look at me like that Junior, JB said. What? I'm just looking at you, Junior replied. JB couldn't help himself and leaned into Junior and gave him a kiss on the lips. Hopefully he doesn't remember this and I guess you're crashing at my place, JB said.
Thanks. I've started the second chapter already so it will probably be up tomorrow. @MelissaGarza
it's a pretty good start. I can't wait to where this story goes.
Yeah I figured I would put at least one kiss in there. @ot12exodus02
already some action!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Obviously he didn't remember lol
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