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I was just tagged by @khrystinalee a little bit ago. I don't really have a K-pop playlist, so I decided to shuffle my entire iPod library. I've never laughed so hard in my life.
1. The song that describes how I will die - NICE.
D-Lite - Sunny Hill
I’m growing up,
Never having found
Anything I could call my treasure.
It can’t all
End like this…
2. The song that describes my lovelife.
It's instrumental but it was Neverland (Piano variation in Blue).
3. The song that will play on my wedding day.
Toad the Wet Sprocket - Something to Say
You can bend my ear
We can talk all day
Just make sure that I'm near
When you've really got something to say
4. Add 'In my pants' at the end of the song.
Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips (Japanese version).
Eyes, Nose, Lips IN MY PANTS.
5. The song that will play at my funeral.
The 1975 - A Change of Heart
For goodness sake
I wasn't told you'd be this cold
Now it's my time to depart
And I just had a change of heart.
This album just came out recently and I suggest everyone go pick it up. It's superb.
6. Add 'with a shovel and a screwdriver' to the end of the song.
Coldplay - A Whisper
A Whisper WITH A SHOVEL AND A SCREWDRIVER. I am seriously up to no good. Mischief NOT managed.
7. The song that describes my week.
Lenses Alien - Definite Darkness
8. My theme song.
Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart
I love 80's music - Sue me.
9. The song that will play when I think of someone I love.
Collective Soul - You
Time, I always need more time
To figure what I've lost, to learn what I should find
Soon, I'm always hoping soon
I'll figure what to add, I'll learn what to remove
New sunrise, new sunsets
New stories I haven't lived through yet
With you, it's always been you
There's never been good days
There's never been bad days without you
10. The song that plays when I miss someone.
Gomez - How We Operate
Please come here
Come right on over
And when we collide we'll see what gets left over
A little joy
A little sorrow
And a little pride so we won't have to borrow
Wherever you lead, I'll follow
Tagging... If you've done it, sorry I missed it, but send it over.