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Song shuffle
Shuffle your playlist and you anwser the question with each songs i do not know who came up with so sorry credit to the owner
1. Describe's how you'll die. BANG BANG BANG
2. Describe's love life. HEARTBREAKER
3. Play's at my wedding. LIGHTSABER
4. Add in my pants at the end WE LIKE TO PARTY- in my pants XD
5. Play's at my funeral. BUTTERFLY
6. Add with shovel and screwdriver. BEAUTIFUL LAIR- With shovel and screwdriver WHAT!!!XD
7. Describe's my week. LOSER
8. Theme song. (should had been loser lol) CROOKED
9. Will play when you think of someone you love. RUN
10. Will play when you miss someone. ZUTTER
Omg, Bang Bang Bang being the song about how you die... o.o That's heavy.
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ikr XD
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