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Thank you for tagging me @Amandamuska 😁🙆 1. Zero For Conduct by BASTARZ 😂😂😂 I died like a boss 2. House of Cards by 방탄소년단 OH MAN HOLY SHITTTTTTT 3. Rush By Rapmon EHHHHhhhh 4. Only U (in my pants) by VIXX HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 5. Falling in Love by 2NE1 Well that's awkward. ;-; I'll finally fall in love once I die apparently 😂😭😂 6. View (with a shovel and screwdriver) by SHINee Um.... 0.o what 7. Power by BAP Plz let that be finals week too ;-; 8. EXODUS by EXO 0.o well then alright then 9. Wolf (Stage ver. Remix) by EXO 0-0 oh man 😂 10. Ace by Taemin 😂👌🏻 I ain't gonna miss them because I'm an ACE HELL YEAH AHAHAAHAH