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Okay, So most BTS stans or Jungkook stans know that Jungkook has a few english covers and one of them is called, "Lost Stars" by Adam Levine. Well I decided to be mean to myself and listen to those covers and specifically, Lost Stars because that's my favorite cover from Jungkook. Well I came across this fanmade MV of Jungkook and let me just say this...Jungkook is my #1 bias wrecker and 2nd bias in BTS after Hobi. Jungkook is a really talented vocalist and an amazing dancer. Not to forget, An awesome dancer! But most of these cuts from the MV are either from BTS' I Need U or BTS' Run. So far this year, Jungkook has been giving me lifeas well as Jimin! He has been too. But lets get straight to the point, Jungkook has a beautiful voice and personally, I wish I had his voice like I want to have Ursula's power just so I can take his vocals and keep them in a necklace so I can sing and audition to become a trainee. But do you guys think he has a beautiful voice? Would you want his voice? Or a different K-pop idol? Let me know :D
Here is another version of it:
fr i love it 馃槅
@Gummybears123 Ikr!!! His voice is so angelic
his voice馃槏
*dead for the millionth time*
@Gummybears123 Me too!!! Jungkook is life