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This is pure talent.

Meet Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard, two friends from Ireland who have risen to fame within 24 hours after submitting their "casual cover" of Adele's biggest hits to Irish website 'Her'.
It's so beautiful that the video has garnered over 6.8M views on 'Her', millions more on social media, and is now sweeping major publications in the United States. But the biggest and best surprise is that Adele herself saw the video, invited the lads onto her stage in 3Area Arena in Dublin, and had them sing their hit and it was flawless. Adele never sang along with them, she let them have their moment to shine.
Without a doubt, these two will be recording artists within the year after the amount of publicity they'll receive now that Adele has endorsed them. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that they'll be making a US appearance on Ellen since this is just the kind of thing she looks for. Would you pay to listen to these two sing? YES!..a million times over.
In video posted below, Adele quickly gives them the required equipment and introduces them to the crowd before they begin. During the performance, the crowd sings along screaming the lyrics which makes for a truly unforgettable performance. Adele thanks the boys at the end but apologizes to the crowd for lack of organization. Adele hadn't told them that they would be performing! Talk about a fun surprise! They still killed it.

Do you love them or do you love them?

Woooww that was so good. Especially the voice of the guy who was standing. Man i can listen to his voice all day long!
Gave me chills! Wow
@humairaa I know! His voice made me melt a little
This is amazing!!! Ho have I not seen this before??
This is awesome!
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