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Got7 team:
At that exact moment I got a call. Mark freezes in his position and stares at the phone and then back at me. We devate to answer the phone by just head movement and mouthing words. The phone stopped ringing but then it rang again and again and again. I finally grab the phone and answered. There was no sound coming from the other line and I didn't say a word either. I finally had the courage to say hello and all I heard was an eerie breathing and a low voice. I hang up the phone and grabbed our stuff.
We ran to the car and hit the gas like we were flying. We arrived at the airport just 10 minutes before our flight.
"Where are we going from here?"
"Ulsan, I don't know if you've been there at all. It's a very peaceful place, my family and I went there when I was 7 years old. I'm surprised I even remember this."
"You and your family aren't very close now are they?"
"9 years ago before I left to China, my dad and grandma got into an argument. She told him that I shouldn't have been born in Korea, but in China. After I learned the language after going there when I was... I don't know.... 3 years old, I found out why they wanted me to be born there instead of here. It was because my grandma didn't approve of my Korean mother, somehow she always hated her for no reason and begged my dad to leave her and marry someone else.... a Chinese woman at that and live a better life."
"What did your father say?, did he defend your mom?"
"He said that he didn't care about what grandma had to say about his life choises and that she should worry about herself and leave him alone. I felt happy to be born into lovely parents especially a loyal father who cares about his wife. Everytime I look at them I notice the little stares and smiles they give to each other. Made me think if i'll ever find love like theirs."
"Well you have me now. You shouldn't have to think about that anymore. Know that i'll always be here for you. Come on, seriously? who wouldn't love this face."
"Yah, no one else can fall for that face but me."
I looked away from him and stared out the plane's window. I can still hear my grandmother's harsh words words towards my mom telling her that she's not worthy of an amazing man like my father. That was the time I thought to myself how selfish and greedy she was and still is. I don't remember much but I did see her slap my father across the face one day. She looked at him with disappointment and he looked at her in disgust.
But I don't want to remember the past. All I can worry about right now is getting to Ulsan and living in peace.... if possible.
what's gonna happen next!!??? lol
Pooor baby!! an yes fly fly way
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can't wait to find out what's next the suspense gosh this is really getting intense wow lol