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"It's Friday night, we're in West Hollywood, and I'm with my mates. Lit."

"Guys, I'll be right back...."

"That'll do..."

"Are cops around? Nah."

"Okay this is taking really long."

"It's been like a minute. Let's go, let's go, let's go."

"Sh*t they're coming this way, act totally normal."

"This pole is surprisingly comfortable."

"Alright done! Hopefully no one saw that."

"Should have worn a belt."

"Hey guys, sorry that took so long."

"Did you just take a piss?"


and yet all directioners find him irresistible and think k-idols are girlish? yeah I'm sticking to kpop, jpop and other things than this
@Emilykitetenjo no offense from what I said but I slowly stopped listening to American pop since I got into kpop
@CreeTheOtaku I really like one direction but I think I choose kpop over them nowadays.. probably cause I'm obsessed with VIXX, BTS, EXO, BAP. . ...
@CreeTheOtaku yeah me too actually I only hear it when I enter stores or someone else puts It but not on my own
so what? he was just responding to nature's call! smh