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No place like homeland - The document about the 2nd generation Korean immigrants from US, German, Japan, Latin America, so on and so forth. They found the way back to their motherland to understand more about their parents homeland´s culture, and to reconnect with their own roots.
This was a great documentary. Lovely, melancholy, bittersweet, and hopeful.
this documentary is so touch in the first part when i am watching the girl looking for her real parents identity :)
This is such a touch documentary. I did learn that a lot of Koreans was adopted back in the 70 and 80s. it is intetersing to see that now they try to come back to their homeland
@Tapsami well thanks you should watch it. Pretty heart warming. yes I havent been back to my homeland since '96. I live in America now. you?
@ouahoo There is a verson of this one in French as well, you can search for it in Vimeo :). Yah I did sympathy for the girl who looking for her parents as well. A cousin in law of mine, he has a sister adopted from Korea as well. And she did try to come to Korea some day. he said. :)
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