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hey guys its scarlet!!! Hope you enjoy this collection from the anime gintoki. if you would want more, name the anime in the comment box, also if you are really into having some pics of your fav charecter in it, you can name them too!!! @danse
Sakata gintoki
Shinpachi shimira
other pics
some more other pics
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Sakata Gintoki* & Shimura Shinpachi* :)
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Don't forget to Publish this to the Gintama Community also.
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@Danse gomen. i will change it. gintama community?
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@Scarletribbons Yes, all you have to do is edit the card and re-save it. The community choices should come back up again and you can choose to add the gintama community. And don't be sorry! I was just reminding you there was a community in case you didn't know. And I'm a typo dummy, so I always go after those... ahahaha. xD
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@Danse i am so sorry i have no idea what u r talking about. is a community a collection cause i dont have one. i never heard of a community thing.
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