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Get ready in 5 and 1/2 hours!!!! We get to see Live MADE Final Concert in Seoul!!!!! Everyone take a nap, shower, go for a pee break.... get your drink... snacks... ready for the Final show!!!!! there will be 6 cameras set up for us the watch!!!! Live!!!!!!
Please check your local time!!!! as my will be at 1am Los Angel time!! cues the music from Taeyang's song ▶1AM...
You can watch from V App!!!! You have 6 Cameras to choose!!!!
Kiss from GD!!!!! As photos from day 2!!!!
Some Fan made this "pear band" for Taeyang... Because his name "bae" in Korean sound the same as "pear"
Yes!!!...I will see you soon!!!!
I love you too.
You are a shining Panda today!!!!
TOP's nephew and sister were here!! Watching Uncle do his killer move!!!
Look who is here too!!!!
Yes...see you all soon!!!!!
I'm crying and DIEING inside and legit crying and no one is here to hug my so I'm giving all of y'all a virtual bear hug. Seungri's twerking got me like 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱. Ugh they are so perfect and I'm so sad and I'm a whole mess of emotion. This is what this fandom does to me XDDD
Im all on that top and Jiyongie cam.. Omo.. I'm so excited..
@KDSnKJH @CheyenneJessee take a quick nap and get ready for fangirling scream!!!...pls don't wake up the neighbors
going to sleep now so I can wake up at 3:30 to get snacks and tissues for this performance! good night VIPs
Setting my alarm!! Got to be up for 4am! Can't wait!
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