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Some Call Her Useless

Some Call Her An Inspiration

Known For Her Annoying Obsession With Sasuke

But Also Considered A Character That's Grown The Most

What Do You Think Of Sakura Haruno??

She's personally one of my favorite characters. I wasn't much of a fan of her in Naruto becuase she was pretty useless only up until the end where she began to learn medical ninjutsu. But she grew up and became really strong in Naruto Shippuden and her obsession with Sasuke wasn't as bad becuase he wasn't really there. It ticked me off though when she hesitated to destroy Obito's rinnengan.
I found her annoying in Naruto but in Naruto Shippuden she got much better
I think she's grown an incredible amount and shes become a very strong, wonderful woman.
Well, we all know she came from a zero to a hundred real quick in my p.o.v.
I wish she'd treat Naruto with more respect.
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