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The next day GD got up to go get him and Top some food for breakfast down in the lobby "Excuse me sir are you in line" GD ask politely The man then turns around it just so happens to be Seungri "Oh it's you Seungri what are you doing down here?" "Uh nothing about to go back to my room about last night" Seungri couldn't finishing saying anything GD interrupted. "Dude it's fine in fact I was actually wanting to talk about that whole thing" "Really?" "Yeah dude it's cool but here is something I gotta ask you. Do you wanna join in with me and Top later tonight?" Before Seungri could get a word out. GD says "Don't act like you don't want I saw how hard you were when you saw me and Top naked" Seungri blushes "Uh uh...okay I'll thing about if I decide to come I will knock on your door but no body else can know about this okay!" "Yeah bro you know I won't say anything I got you" GD heads back to the room to talk to Top about having Seungri join for a threesome at first Top hesitates but he then says he's okay with it. Later that night "I guess he's not coming" Hun Top said to GD GD and top start in on their fun without Seungri Top starts to bite on GD neck he lets out a moan.Top then starts to lick GD lips then his neck down to his abs. "Oooh baby"GD says "You like that babe? "Top says with a smile Top starts to pull off GD pants and begins to start sucking on his member. Top then starts to put his finger inside him while licking his balls Ah damn that fucking feels great babe you haven't done that before Top then bends GD over and slams his member Into GD right after that the door opens. It's Seungri he comes and drop his pants and his 9 inch member is hard as a rock. Guess you guys started without me Seungri said He then puts his member into his ass while Top was inside him "Ah FUCK!" GD yells out loudly Top and Seungri are both having a good time fucking GD at the same time they are All dripping in sweat Okay let me ride you please GD says to Seungri So Seungri and Top both pull out and Seungri lays down then GD sits on his member and starts to ride Top pushing his member into GD mouth after while of that Top pushes his member back into GD ass and now Seungri and Top are both fucking him again they come all their climax both Seungri and Top cum inside GD and GD came on Seungri and Wiped some of it Off on Top Ah what good way to end the night they all said at once @SaraHanna @CharndraTorres @BBxGD @TwistedPuppy @CallMeMsDragon @KoreanDramaMaMa @katygn52 @luna1171 @UnnieCakesAli
Lol my. Next story is about CL
@SydneyLstrange *whispering* yesssss
Lol was it good?
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