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So the whole AOMG squad is gonna be in Chicago on 4.5.16... I looked up the tickets...
How bad do I wanna see jay Park?!?!
😂😂 yea I feel the same spend all my money on a ticket and see JAY!!........or save money hmmmm😂😂
ohh soo people who are reselling it probably posted those up. check out this page it's a group for people selling their tickets and they are so far selling it for the actual amount
OMG! $540??! That's crazy! I asked myself the same question. How bad so I want to see him? lol I saw him before here in LA for the SMTM concert and the AOMG set was the best! So when they announced their tour I was so bummed out that it was the same week I was leaving to Boston. I guess I decided I wanted to see him badly so I cancelled my trip and bought tickets for LA and Seattle. I'm so excited!
Thats from ticketmaster @Nadinerzz
and as far as I know all the tickets for all the US venues are suppose to be the same price with 300 being the most expensive
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