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This is chapter 2 and there is smut. Hope you like it and for the fanart credit goes to the owners. It's kind of hard to find good fanart for JB and Junior.
Present Juniors in the kitchen making breakfast for the rest of the group. When all of a sudden he felt someone's arms wrap around him. Thanks for making breakfast, JB said. Who else is going to do it? Now get off me before someone sees, Junior told him. You're no fun, JB said as he let go of Junior. You can't just do that out in the open. It's bad enough you crawl into bed with me when I'm trying to sleep, Junior said. It's not my fault you're so comfortable to cuddle with, JB replied. Go wake up the others, Junior said. Yes mom, JB teased. Do you want food? Junior threatened. JB went and woke the others up. Yugyeum and BamBam are the hardest to get up. Just because you two are the youngest doesn't mean I will take it easy on you, JB threatened. Junior comes walking into the room grabs them by the ears and drags them out of the room. Youngjae jumped up from his bed. Oh god! I thought my actual mom was here, Youngjae said. Take it easy with the kids, JB said to Junior. Junior got real close to JB and whispered in his ear, Do you want some tonight or not? God it's like I'm back at home, Mark said as he came out of his and Jackson's room with Jackson's arms wrapped around Marks neck. Really guys? Yugyeum said. What? Jackson asked I tried to get him off but he keeps attaching to me, Mark complains. JB kept glancing at Junior mouthing words to him and smiling. Junior can I talk to you? JB said. You guys eat and do something with your lives. It's a free day so go out and play, Junior said. JB dragged Junior into their room and started to kiss on him. What if they saw you!? Junior nagged. They didn't I made sure the door was closed before I did anything, JB assured him. JB cupped Junior's face and brought him into a kiss as they slammed up against the wall. At least try not to get us caught, Junior said. If you wish, JB said picking Junior up and wrapping his legs around JB's waist. This is the second time we've risked getting caught, Junior said. We could just tell them if you're that worried, JB said. Let's quit talking for now, Junior said. JB started to take Junior's shirt off and started to unbutton his pants. Let's move to the bed, Junior said. JB carried Junior over to the bed and laid him down. JB sat up and started to take his clothes off. You're gonna love what I'm gonna do to you, JB said as he took Junior's pants and boxers off. JB took Junior's member and started to stroke it. Junior started to moan and then JB started to suck on it causing Junior to moan even louder. JB I can't take it I think I'm gonna cum, Junior said in between moans. Step 1 foreplay, JB said. JB stuck one finger into Junior and then two. He slowly started to finger Junior. JB slid another finger in trying to stretch Junior's entrance so he could replace his fingers with his member. Junior moaned louder begging JB to enter. JB lifted Junior's legs over his shoulders and replaced his fingers with his member causing Junior to arch hJunior. I want you, Junior begged. JB started to thrust causing Junior to grip onto the sheets underneath him. JB leaned into Junior's chest thrusting harder. Junior grabbed JB's hair and start to tug on it. Harder! Junior begged. As you wish, JB said as he thrust into Junior harder and harder making Junior moan louder and louder almost as if he was begging for life. Don't stop, Junior said almost out of breath. JB quickened his pace causing Junior to pull on his hair harder. JB did a couple more thrust before he reach his climax harder than any of the others. Junior gave one last moan as if he was just brought back to life. Junior arched his back for the last time and pulled JB into a passionate kiss. JB took his member out of Junior and finished it off with a few butterfly kisses on the lips. We're all covered in sweat now, Junior said breathing heavily. I know, JB said as he began to laugh. That was amazing by the way, Junior said as he caught his breath. Yes it was, JB said as he pulled Junior into a hug. Junior laid his head on JB's chest and JB kissed Junior on the forehead before they both fell asleep in each other's arms.
Lol no that was the good thing but there was this girl she was peeking behind me and she asked me about it lol I blushed and just told her it's a girl and a guy lol she was like oh okay so awkward @SaraHanna
I don't know about the last one.. but the games ones yeah ..@twistedPuppy
@luna1171 they have sat on top of EACH OTHER NAKED!!!
Wow..ugh!.. this will be hard for me to read.. JB makes me...well.. anyway.. I LOVE..the first picture. I never saw it before.. and some of the fan art are actually moments that happened the 7th one I think the one where they are in blue sweaters on the floor JB is on top.. that was part of the ISAC games last year I saw it happening. .lol
Hahahaha!! I've been there. @MaricelvaRomero
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