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Battlefield: A city street No Prep No Backup
Ruby Rose Personality Monty has described Ruby as being innocent and still a little sister. Most of Rubys personality is shown through her childish nature, as well as her fighting style. She is shown to be impulsive, naïve, and innocent, but when necessary, she can be serious and dependable. In Battle of Beacon and Heroes and Monsters, Ruby also appears to be quite stoic in the face of a very dire situation, even following a traumatic event. Ruby is a self-proclaimed dork when it comes to weapons; she is quite intelligent, having designed and built Crescent Rose during her time at Signal Academy, although she admits to going a little overboard with its design. She feels that seeing new weapons is like meeting new people, but better. She seems to be fascinated by any type of weapon, even robots, as seen when she became entranced by James Ironwoods presentation in A Minor Hiccup. Monty has said that she relies on Crescent Rose quite often in battle, which implies that her weapon is the primary source of her confidence in battle. Ruby has a strong sense of moral justice, a trait she obtained from stories about heroes and monsters that her sister used to read for her, as well as the way her parents raised her in childhood. These stories are what gave her the ideals that she wished to live by and uphold throughout her life, and are the reason for her love for books. Because she is shown to be childish even when in class, she tends to study by herself to cover the necessary knowledge. Ruby is shown to be naïve, as although she doesnt like to be the center of attention, becoming a Huntress has effectively put her in the spotlight. In addition to her dislike of attention, Ruby prefers to either be alone or with Yang. However, she has become comfortable with Team RWBY and Team JNPR. She does not lack social skills, but has problems when meeting new people. This is mostly because of her childish nature and lack of social grace, as she can be bad-mannered (only out of ignorance) and sometimes speaks without thinking. However, because of her enthusiastic personality, she can become very good friends with people who share her enthusiasm. Although she is highly skilled in battle, Ruby seems reckless and impulsive, attacking on sight instead of thinking the situation through beforehand, as seen during her first fight alongside Weiss Schnee. Also, Ruby at times doesnt seem to analyze the battlefield at all or take the time to study an opponent, such as when she attacks a Death Stalker on sight before learning of its high resistance to bullets and blades. She seems to lack experience when it comes to fighting as a team, as she demonstrates almost no coordination with Weiss during their fight with a pack of Beowolves in The Emerald Forest, Pt.2. Despite this, Rubys leadership skills make her a worthy teammate. While she may occasionally act without thinking, sometimes she seems to understand the situation better than others. She can then use this ability to quickly formulate plans. This was seen during Team RWBYs battle with the Nevermore, in which her teammates positions allowed her to come up with a successful plan. Ozpin most likely assigned Ruby as team leader to ensure that she grows as an individual. This proves to be the case as she becomes a resourceful and dependable leader who studies so hard and so late, she falls asleep in the middle of the task. This demonstrates her dedication to becoming a good leader. She was also able to pass her beliefs as leader to Jaune Arc, thus helping him find a new sense of responsibility for the safety and well-being of his own team. Ruby is also shown to care for all her teammates equally, regardless of their race or background. This is seen in how she expresses sympathy for Weiss bad childhood after she explains her familys history with the White Fang. She shows the same concern moments later for Blake Belladonna when she runs away, after revealing herself as a Faunus. Rubys concern is further expressed in her desperate search for her teammate. This sense of empathy is later shown not to be limited to her teammates. She also shows some worry for Penny Polendina, telling the latter to stay out of the fight between Blake, Sun Wukong and Roman Torchwick. Ruby is seen to have a dislike for formal attire, that being dresses and heels, as shown in Burning the Candle during the dance, where she wanted to change back into her hood, and even complaining on how its possible for Weiss to fight on heels, despite Yang telling Ruby that she looked beautiful in a dress.
Maka Albarn Personality Maka is bright, cheerful, direct and confident, smart, and hard working, in stark contrast to her partner Soul Eater, who is very laid-back, more likely to act on impulse, and impatient in comparison.[1] She frequently studies and prefer to stay in her house and read or study, emphasized by her lack of ability to play games such as basketball despite her athleticism, and she is ignorant of its various rules.[6] Maka is also caring and compassionate, willing to easily help a friend when in need with no personal gain in the end and help a newcomer such as Tsugumi Harudori on her first day.[7] She is somewhat of a self-depreciation hero. She achieves many great accomplishments throughout the series, and she always wants to help others and do the right things, thus she is well respected. She is also known to follow the rules of the DWMA and rarely breaks them, even going so far as to not kill Gopher despite his attempt on her life.[8] and scolded Crona on their first meeting, telling them to save their excuses for Death himself.[9] Maka also is capable to having great compassion and understanding, enough to not only befriend Crona despite their crimes[10] but even put forth effort in helping her when they was seemingly forgone into Madness.[11] She is known to be strong willed and mature, unlike those such as her partner and Black☆Star and tends to look down on such behaviors, often calling them idiots.[12] Out of all the main protagonists, she is seen mostly as the most normal of the cast. Its been stated by multiple people like her own father that many of her good qualities come from her mother and even possess a mindset in which once she starts, barely anything stops her.[13] In the anime, it is expressed her best quality is her bravery by Crona.[14] Despite this, Maka herself possess flaws and insecurities. She has been noted by her partner to be stubborn and gloomy and is sometimes prone to make decisions without regarding the others feelings If she feels justified enough.[15] She also views the typical male sex negatively, finding them to be nothing more then pigs looking only at the sex appeal of females,[16] a notion in which may have manifested thanks to her fathers lecherous actions and cheating on her mother. She also can be said to have temper issues, occasionally striking out those who annoy her with her Maka Chop and is not above striking her teachers such as Sid Barrett.[1] She is also not above breaking the rules, such as taking advantage of her fathers status to check out a book beyond her rank though did so to try to help Crona, but ended up checking out the Book of Eibons Manuscript and knew it was not only a bad idea but felt guilty about it so ended up leaving M as her signature.[17] Having taken immediate interests in the revelation of possessing a Grigori Soul, Maka was described by Soul as obsessed with the angel stuff until she found her new-found mindset hindering her ability to fight a fellow possessor of the Grigori, Gopher.[18][19] One of the her main insecurities seen early on was her fear of her partner, Soul, being the one who carried her throughout her battles. So much so she strove at one point to get stronger to the point of ignoring her partners personal views on the situation and blamed herself for Soul falling to Crona and Ragnarok during their first fight.[20] She also struggled with accepting her partners celebrity status as a Death Scythe, feeling that he became one because of his own efforts with her contribution being useless. She became jealous of not only Liz sharing the same interest in music and understanding it better with Soul, but also Pattys ability to be an even better fighter then her.[21] This caused her to break down so much, she was almost willing to let Giriko sexually assault her and was initially unwilling to help Soul fight the adversary until she came to her senses. Despite being close to her father as a child,[22] much of their relationship became strained when he cheated on her mother[1] and made her secretly fear rejection from people she cared about, most notably her Demon Weapon partner, Soul.[1] According to Soul, her hobbies includes reading books and doing puzzles.[15] and in the anime, is secretly fond of the Pon Pon Dance, a fact in which she is embarrassed about.[citation needed] Her favorite book is The Dark Side of the Moon by the fictional author of Lorda Donsany.[17] She also stated she always wished to go inside a book, having been able to do so when she traveled into the Book of Eibon.[17] In addition, Maka doesnt like raw fish.[23]
oooo sounds epic. Ruby, for Aa the season 3 conclusion showed, she has some incredible hidden power.
depand manga Maka or anime Maka , cause in the anime she is also part scyth
Ruby for sure
Unconscious Maka, I think would win. But if she doesn't then Ruby.
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