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~Mei's Dream/Flashback~
I was nine years old. It was sometime in the afternoon. I was lying on the grass near a big tree in a forrest. I looked up at the blue sky and picked out figures and animals in the clouds. I was so deep in thought, I didn't hear a voice calling my name,
"Mei. Mei? Mei hello?"
"Oh. Sorry Killua. I was staring at the clouds" I replied.
Killua looked at me and then at the clouds.
"You want one?" he asked.
He held out chocolate balls, his favorite candy.
"Sure" I said.
He got up from sitting against the tree and came to lay down next to me. We watched the clouds together.
It's so calm and peaceful. I wish I could stay like this forever.
~End of Dream/Flashback~
Mei's POV
I flashed open my eyes to find myself in my room. I moved my eyes from the ceiling to the digital clock on my nightstand next to my bed. The clock read 6:30.
I haven't seen him in so long. It's been years now. Why would I have this dream now? I better get up and get ready for today.
I got out of bed and changed my clothes. I wore a black, off the shoulder, long sleeve crop top with a white cami that wraps around the neck. The straps are a teal blue and I'm wearing white skinny jeans with brown combat boots. (AN: picture of outfit above!) I walked to the bathroom to brush my hair and let it hang down. I put on some light eyeliner and curled my eyelashes then put on mascara. I put on some chap stick and lotion, then walked back to my room. I brought out my backpack and started packing.
What should I take with me? It can't be too heavy. I pondered at this for a few minutes.
I ended up packing my phone, headphones, wallet, water bottles, a few small energy snacks, a pack of matches, a light jacket, a change of clothes, gum, my charger, camera, jambox, reading glasses, and my book. (AN: Of course toiletries like makeup, brush, etc. are included)
I don't think I'll need anything else. If I do, then I can just use my specialist ability and conjure what I need. I know I'm cool like that.
I checked the clock again, it read 7:00. I've got some time, but I think I'll head downstairs for some breakfast. I grab my keys and take one last look at the apartment. I walk down the stairs and head towards the kitchen. I packed a some light food, just in case and I grabbed a scone then walked outside. The sun was still rising; it just barely peaked through the trees. I stopped and stared at the scene in front of me. After some time, I got a piece of paper and left it on the table. I quickly walked outside with my camera in hand and started taking pictures.
It looks so beautiful at this time.
"Ho ho! Even when you're about to take the hunter exam you still take photos."
I turn around to see Netero-san.
"Yep! I want to look at my photos of my home while I'm away. I'm really nervous so taking photos calms me."
"You'll do fine. Satotz-san and Beans will drive you down. You better get going it's already 8:00."
"Domo arigato gozaimasu! Ja mata ne!"
"Ja mata ne!"
I headed to the kitchen and found Beans and Satotz-san.
"Im ready for the day!" I cheered happily with a closed eye smile.
"Alright. Let's get going."
Beans, Satotz-san and I made our way to the car. I looked up at the building I spent the last seven years in and closed my eyes.
I'm gonna miss this place. But I'll end up back here when I complete the hunters exam. I can do this.
I waved goodbye to Netero-san and the other hunters,
"Arigatō-gozaimasu! Sayonara!" I said.
"We'll see you soon!" Menchi said.
I waved my hand out the window. I could see my home getting smaller and smaller as the distance between us grew larger and larger.
Many, many, many hours later, we arrived at a city called Zaban, which wasn't too far from the ocean. As we walked through the street, there was a very tall building up ahead.
Everyone stared at it in awe.
Obviously not where the hunter exam will be held. Too obvious.
We entered the shop and there was barely anyone in it, maybe a few people, but it looked pretty deserted. The scent of food filled my nose and I could feel my eyes immediately start to sparkle. It smelled so heavenly! The three of us were welcomed by the chef at the sushi bar,
"Yōkoso! What can I get you?" Said the chef.
Satotz-san replied through his non-existent mouth, "the steak combo that opens your eyes to the light, for three please."
"How would you like them?"
"Grilled over a low flame until cooked."
"Go on in. The rooms open!"
We walked past the grill and to a room with a round table and three chairs around it.
Once we were inside, Satotz-san closed the door, and the room started to move.
Ahhhh. This must be an elevator. I wonder how far down we'll go?
"We're a day early, so there won't be anyone else down there for a while" Satotz-san said.
"It's fine. I'll find something to do" I said.
I haven't played my guitar in a while. Or maybe I should work on some choreography. Maybe photography?
We reached the bottom floor and the door opened. We stepped out of the elevator and into a deep, dark tunnel.
Well definitely NOT photography. -___-
Beans handed me a badge,
"Here. You are applicant #1. Please pin this on and try to keep it on at all times," Beans said.
I nodded in agreement and pinned it to the left of my chest. Satotz-san started walking into the tunnel. He stopped and looked at me. He waved and the. Lowered the barrier. It was just me and Beans. I took out my phone from my pocket and checked the time. It read 7:45.
It took us all day to get here by car! Now that I think about it, I missed lunch and dinner. *gasp* I missed meals!!!
I opened up my backpack and took out the food I had packed.
Thank God I was born with a brain.
I looked towards Beans and offered him some food, which he accepted. We sat in complete silence while eating.
Well, this isn't awkward.
Once we were done, I actually got pretty tired, so I decided to retire for the night. I snapped my fingers and conjured up a panda pillow pet and a blanket. My eyelids started to close and I quickly fell asleep.